Ten hours in Singapore’s T2

Singapore’s Changi airport is an overwhelming experience for many first time visitors, myself included.

I’ve managed to find a quiet area in the bustling T2, a pretty hard task in what is the largest of the four terminals at the airport.

I have a ten hour layover, after catching the 9am flight from Adelaide. There’s about eight hours left before I jump on the red-eye to Milan, leaving at 1am local time. The total journey time will be around 24 hours I think, not the easiest of passages.

I’m still feeling pretty fresh after the first leg, although there was some serious turbulence. It was the worst I’ve experienced, with gut-wrenching free falls for a few seconds each, although they felt a lot longer.

Most of the flight was easy, and actually felt shorter than it was, but those last five minutes were fucking terrifying. The poor lady sitting next to me was yelling at every drop and was in tears by the end of it. I just kept telling myself it was only the air currents, that dodgy logic seemed to help a bit though.

We made it though, with a few passengers applauding once we touched down. You know it’s bloody dodgy when that happens.

Now I’m in this massive shopping mall pretending to be an airport. It’s around 6pm local time on a Wednesday and the place is showing no signs of slowing down. I took a quick trip to the other terminals which seemed slightly quieter, but the best food seems to be here

IMG_6815.JPGI’m not sure how other travellers have found the airport on their first time, but I must have spent about an hour just walking around trying to get my bearings. You would hate to have an extra short window on a transfer here, having to run from one end to the other.

As far as airport terminals go however, T2 is right up there. I’m hoping it gets a bit quieter later on so some of the comfier chairs open up. The interactive gardens, art installations, food and entertainment are fantastic though.

I just had a pretty fantastic meal though, minced pork noodle soup for $5 AUD always goes alright.

If you do have a ten hour layover then there are definitely worse places to be. I spent 10 hours in Kuala Lumpur once and this is much better than that. It doesn’t even compare.

With that said I was still bored absolutely shitless by hour three. My advice would be to get a shorter layover if at all possible.

I’m yet to experience some of the other large transfer airports though, but would love to know what you think. How does Singapore rate in your list of airports to spend a bit of time at?



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