They jumped off the number 29 tram in Lisbon and raced up the hill. The sun had almost set.

He was in the lead, his long legs pushing powerfully up the steep slope, his wide frame moving crowds out of the way. She was close behind, moving with a natural grace through the bustling avenue.
Halfway up that long, steep street he stopped and turned, thinking to find her far behind and flagging. But she was there, and she was smiling her brilliant smile and her bright brown eyes lit a joy in him that he had not known was possible until that week.
He reached down and took her by the hand and they continued, together, up that busy and steep street in Lisbon.
It was only for three nights that they had existed. Not as a he and a she, and not as a you and an I, but as a them and a they and an us.
He had met her at an airport, as they were waiting to board their flight to Lisbon. They has spoken barely a word, they had exchanged barely a glance, but for that entire flight he thought of nothing but how to speak to her again.
He never imagined that sitting 15 rows in front of him, she was thinking only of those same thoughts.
Sometimes you meet someone and there is a spark and sometimes you meet someone and there is a forest fire. Sometime you meet someone and there a comfort and an easiness and a sense of home that you never believed you’d experience.
And then sometimes you meet someone and you feel every feeling you have ever felt, every emotion that you have ever read about or seen in the movies, all at once, in a single heartbeat and in a single breath.
And then on very rare and special occasions, sometimes you are lucky and the one you feel that way about, they feel it too.
For him and for her, well, they were some of the lucky ones.
Stepping down from the plane he was searching for her but he did not need to search for long. She was there, waiting, with her small suitcase in hand and a nervous half smile on her face.
He moved to her. She fell in step with him. They walked together out of that airport and they fell in love in Lisbon.
And now they were hurrying up the hill, up to the Plaza de Santa Catarina, to drink and to dance and to watch the sun set over the vibrant city that had been so good to them.
They were young, they were in love, and this was only the beginning.


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